Prepare to discover 
a beautiful macro world 

You will become our lovable hero, a tiny drop of rain. It is your mission to rise higher and higher, jumping from one leaf to another. On your way you will encounter the unusual inhabitants of this amazing world. They are the obstacles you must overcome in your journey. As you go you will collect different bonuses and find the solutions to interesting puzzles.


Darwinism - is an unusual project falling under the "time killer" category 

Darwinism consists of two mini-games. The basic principle of the game is to get the arrow into a fast-moving cell or nucleus. What makes the game special is two factors: The first is the transfer of the idea of “the origin of life” into the Gaming World. The second is the User Interface which creates an interesting way for the user to interact with the game.




is a challenging yet intuitive

puzzle game.

The main character - the little robot, will win your heart with his touching absent-mindedness. Only with your help will he be able to solve different intriguing tasks and problems that he will encounter along his journey.

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